Essence of Zen

“Clinging to our ego filled with delusion and aversion blinds us from seeing our true Buddha nature.” — Ekai

We all want life to be miraculous, and it is. We pray for miracles, seek miracles, listen to stories about miracles, and think miracles will happen someday in the future, or happened thousands of years ago. So few realize that the great miracle is happening in our lives, right now. It is necessary to simply wake up, so we can see the miracle in front of our eyes, give thanks and live with it wholeheartedly. Centuries ago, a physician, faced daily with death and suffering, sought out the guidance of a famous Zen Master, living quietly, inaccessible, in a mountain hut. The physician climbed the mountain, searched for the hut, and after many days, found him raking leaves at the side of his tiny house. The teacher did not look up when the student arrived, but kept raking slowly. “I have come to understand the essence of life,” the physician proclaimed. The Zen Master looked up for a moment, his eyes piercing the student. “Go home and be kind to your patients,” the Master replied. “That is it.” Source:

“Accept only that which contributes to the well-being of yourself and others.”-unknown

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  • There is harmony and balance in all things
  • All things are born, live and die
  • You are imperfect and still learning
  • Lead by example
  • Know your place
  • Let your goodness shine through
  • Persevere Persevere Persevere
  • Come to terms with boundaries
  • Keep it simple
  • Have an open mind and a watchful eye