Verse of Homage to Buddha’s Relics

English Translation of Sariraimon:
With wholehearted gratitude we bow:  - to the relics still present of the true body of the Tathagata Shakyamuni, who is fully endowed with myriad virtues; - to the dharma body, which is Truth itself; and - to the whole universe  which is his stupa. With deep respect we venerate the One who lived his life for the sake of all beings. Through the sustenance of Buddha, the Truth enters us as we enter Truth, Let us strive to benefit all living beings,[*] Arouse the thought of awakening, cultivate Bodhisattva practice, and together enter perfect peace,[*] the penetration of the equality of all things.         Now let us reverently bow.

Shariraimon 舎利礼文

一心頂禮                   萬德圓滿                                                                                               (いっしんちょうらい まんとくえんまん )                                                                           IS-SHIN CHŌ RAI        MAN DOKU EN MAN                                                             With one heart we honor, [that which is] perfect with all merits:        
釋迦如來                  眞身舍利                                                                                                  (しゃかにょらい       しんじんしゃり)                                                                                SHA KA NYO RAI      SHIN JIN SHA RI                                                                                   the relics of the true body of Shakyamuni Buddha. 
本地法身                    法界塔婆                                                                                                 (ほんぢほっしん        ほうかいとうば)                                                                              HON JI HŌS-SHIN   HŌ KAI TŌ BA                                                                              [And to] the Dharmakāya Shakyamuni original source, [revealed as] the Dharmadhātsu Stūpa,        
我等禮敬                    爲我現身                                                                                                 (がとうらいきょう    いがげんしん )                                                                                   GA TŌ RAI KYŌ        I GA GEN SHIN                                                                                we give reverence.   For our sake manifesting a form, 
入我我入                    佛加持故                                                                                              (にゅうががにゅう     ぶつがじこう)                                                                                   NYŪ GA GA NYŪ     BUTSU GA JI KO                                                                        [always] interpenetrating equally with all, [and so providing] the empowerment of the Buddha 
我證菩提                    以佛神力                                                                                               (がしょうぼだい       いぶつしんりき)                                                                                 GA SHŌ BO DAI     I BUTSU JIN RIKI                                                                            that we may attain awakening.    Through the Buddha's marvelous power 
利益衆生                     發菩提心                                                                                             (りやくしゅうじょう  ほつぼだいしん)                                                                                RI YAKU SHU JŌ       HOTSU BO DAI SHIN                                                                    all beings receive benefit.        By our giving rise to the desire for full awakening 
修菩薩行                      同入圓寂                                                                                                   (しゅうぼさつぎょう   どうにゅうえんじゃく)                                                                 SHU BO SATSU GYŌ   DŌ NYŪ EN JAKU                                                                   and training in the bodhisattva practice may all beings attain perfect peace (nirvana) 

平等大智                      今將頂禮                                                                                              (びょうどうだいち      こんじょうちょうらい)                                                               BYŌ DŌ DAI CHI       KON JŌ CHŌ RAI                                                                          and realize the great wisdom of universal equality. Now let us reverently bow.